Welcome to MiMaVe-Design-Photo!

MiMaVe is an abbreviation of my names, very inventive indeed, yes.

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That’s me to the right .

I do look great, don’t I?

And as a great surprise to you all, I do design and photo related stuff…

This is my portfolio and a showcase site in English. There are individual pages for:




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A bit about me

Master of Arts in languages and culture, studies in Philosophy, Culture, Sociology, and Sociology even to the point of doing post graduate studies. So I claim to understand how society, communication, organization, meaning etc. functions. Been pondering these issues for years from different perspectives…

But no point in meaning without substance… I’ve also done a vocational degree in media and some coding and 3d design and gamification studies at university level. So Academia meets practical skills.

I’m an omnivore to what becomes knowledge and the taste of art etc. There is great stuff everywhere and a lot to learn, but there is also a lot of generic waste everywhere.

In my opinion it’s better to try to do something real even if it becomes a pancake. From an economic point of view it would be wiser to do the copy/paste/trend seeking behaviour, but I claim not to be that wise…

Personal taste

As pointed out earlier I’m an omnivore, but perhaps it would be enlightening to point out some main currents to let you better understand my design and artistic decisions.

What comes to architecture, style, furniture design etc. I really enjoy the late Baroque era with a starting Rococo lightness just around the corner.

I find Boulle style furniture beautiful and, I especially enjoy the ornamental inventiveness of the time period.

I am Omnivore, but there are the staples…


The other great inspiration era is the Jugend/Art Nouveau/Arts and Crafts period, but I do enjoy many other styles as well. In my opinion Mies van der Rohe’s “barcelona chair” is one peace of awesome design and it’s also beautiful.

There is great stuff from every decade to enjoy: from chiaroscuro paintings of the Baroque/Renaissance to Impressionistic flares, to the Constructivistic ouvre, not to speak of even earlier eras and prehistoric intensivity…

When it comes down to music and sound I’m also here an omnivore, but I mostly enjoy “progressive” music, I especially enjoy the likes of Yes, Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Jethro Tull/Ian Andersson and many more. From a bit more metallic area: Queensryche, the early ones with Chris de Garmo, Rush, Dream Theater, Iron Maiden and I do enjoy Cradle of filth or some of it, there are some albums that compare well against the great music ever written… There are many more artists, composers, bands etc. that play sweet tones on my heart strings or stomp the rhythm of my soul… That was o bit too much, but… 😄

         ...artists, composers, bands etc. that play sweet tones on my heart strings or stomp the rhythm of my soul...       

But music is not possible to hear without J.S.Bach. I’ve listen through the “whole” J.S Bach ouvre, that’s a lot, many times, and everytime there is something special. I’ve listened carefully to a lot of genres in music that I`ve got my hands on (ears around), including many of the ethno/historic perspectives also. But the best music(musically) in my mind was done in the Baroque/late Baroque era, not only from the mind of J.S Bach, but by many other artistically and intellectually marvelous beings.

I feel that most of the evolution after that has been on scope and with sounds, more sound music than the “Bachian” music music, but I do enjoy many many other composers and try to find new ones all the time, but I still just keep coming back to J.S Bach… But I do also like the Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson/Madonna/Prince style productions also. And I do really like the Eurovision song contest!

Perhaps this gave you an idea of my taste, I am Omnivore, but there are the staples…