On this page I try to show some material by MiMaVe-Design-Photo related to graphic design. Ars Graphica in Finnish Scroll/swipe down the page and make your own opinion.

As I’m mainly a Linuxian my go to graphics tool is Inkscape and when more pixel related stuff is needed I use Gimp or Krita and for more complex layouts etc. Scribus, but Adobes Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop are also familiar to me. More recently I’ve also started using Blender (3d/animation) as a graphic design tool in a more comprehensive way.

Examples of Graphics design and production.

Below a few examples of my work with varying methods used and aimed at different goals. Sometimes you need something fantastic then bitmap, video, 3d -animation is the way to go, but when you need more “economic” svg and vector graphics is the right way. There are examples of everything below.

3d as a graphic design tool

Below is an example set of 3d -design used in a graphic design context. These models are fully animatable and only your imagination is a hinder. The possibilities of 3d for graphic design are immense. There are of course problems. “Live” rendering is intense for machines and even using game engines for web stuff is not that smart, at least not for smaller productions, yet. But you can render stills or video to fit a specific need. Or you can do gifs, like the images below. These are used on my Finnish site as the main graphic design idea. Click on the gifs to go an look at them in action. The resolution is quite low. That is still the problem with 3d and the web, bigger files…

Digitart and image layerings

Above some pixel bending, digiart, image layering examples using different tools and methods.

Layout and leaflet/booklet design

MiMaVe-Design-Photo -portfolio leaflet 2022

MiMaVe-Design-Photo (2020) portfolio leaflet.

Arctic Observations: Polar poems

Polar poems is an adventure photo booklet with sensual arctic mystic and nordic poesy.

The goal for Arctic Observation: Polar Poems was that in design, words, style, photo and graphics to convey the feelings and vistas of the arctic summer with the midnight sun as the leading guide…

MiMaVe.Design.Photo portfolio.

This was my photography portfolio from a couple of years ago with the aim of having a distinct style for the portfolio.

There are some quite adventureous experiments in the layout and design, but an interesting voyage it was, some things I would do differently today, but all in all it still functions, at least partly…

Tag graphics for a web site

MiMaVe-Design-Photo tag for Image editing

This is a tag for image editing related posts with a hint of irony. Using just basic vector graphics techniques.

MiMaVe-Design-Photo tag for Stilleben

This is a tag for Stilleben related posts with a quite different style and image editing techniques being used. The images were first hand drawn and then scanned and traced for the svg.

MiMaVe-Design-Photo tag for Music

This is a tag for Music related posts with a different style. Using just basic vector graphics techniques here also, but with a strong feel for the gradient, tone, colours etc.

MiMaVe-Design-Photo tag for Testing

This is a tag for Testing related posts with a lot of irony. Using basic vector graphics techniques and trying to keep it as simple as possible, but with effect.

MiMaVe-Design-Photo tag for Portraits

This is a tag for Portrait related posts with a different style for the svg. Combining freely drawn and bezier curves.

MiMaVe-Design-Photo tag for Web design

This is a tag for Web design related posts. Using basic vector graphics techniques here also, but incoporating a premade character: WebDesignBoy.