Top 10 Photos

Updated 18.5.2020

The above gallery is a selection of, in my opinion, the best of my photos at this moment, check updated date. The less images the more difficult it gets. To be frank I’m not happy with any of them, but there is something in them all and there is some interesting photographic techniques involved also. So the aesthetics, techniques and the feeling should be there. But to choose ten from many is a very very difficult task. Perhaps a better “picture” can be found on my Finnish site with a top 48 (MiMaVe.Design.Photo top 48 Photographs), why top 48, just because I wanted to get 4 in row design wise… There is also a lot of photography related material in my Finnish blog: check “valokuvaus” -tag (that’s Finnish for photography). So even if you are not among the 5-6 million+ people who know Finnish at least you can enjoy the visuals.

There is also photography related material on my Issuu -account and yes these are in English. You can there also find some closely to the photos related lyrics/poesy/storytelling by yours truly, enjoy. MiMaVe-Design-Photo at issuu.