On this page there are some MiMaVe-Design-Photo multi-(that means many)-medial projects on show, augmented with short descriptions. I truly enjoy the interplay of different forms of communication be it graphics, other visuals, video, animation, sound, soundscapes, storytelling, change in time etc. etc. Here the playground is immense and possibilities for exploration endless. There can be treasures in hidden caves, treasures on the end of the rainbow, if only you get the parts of the puzzle right… Immersive experiences is the way to go. When ransacking what I like I see a trend and the trend is just plainly immersion. To create a coherent world with many different media that’s the aim. The problem is though that there is no team, I do mostly everything by myself: sound, music, video, photo, graphics, animation, edit, compositing, mixing, producing etc. etc. Keep this in in mind while you “enjoy”… The videos can be found at the MiMaVe-Design-Photo youtube channel.

Take you to a magical place

In this series I try to take you to a magical place with visuals and sound.

Our world and nature can’t handle this consumption of ours. If there is a way to avoid this it’s worth the try. I hope the illusion created in these videos can give you an experience without the need to go there. This way even those without the means, skills or possibilities can exprerience a magical place…

The first one is Arctic Cascading Waterfalls.

The second one Water Mirror Midnight Sun.

The third one Sharp Stones Icy Water

The fourth one Water Through Woods

What the Bug?

Bugs by MiMaVe-Design-Photo is a comedial/philosophical series with bugs on stage.

The first one is Is it Greener (the DragonFly).

The second one Why Fly When You Can Walk


MiMaVe-Design-Photo -showreels playlist

Check out all my showreels from the link above, below some specific ones…

2021 to early 2022 -showreel

MiMaVe-Design-Photo -showreel 2021 early 2022

3d- design and animation -showreel

In this showreel or demo reel I try to show my capabilities in the art of 3d- design and animation. Most is done with Blender, but there is also some furniture modeling/design with Fusion 360. I did some 3d- design and modeling studies during winter 2020-2021.

Watch and listen to he whole 3d- design and animation -showreel on MiMaVe-Design-Photo youtube .

MiMaVe-Design-Photo showreel 2020

This showreel is more general than the one above. It includes aspects of photography, graphics, video, animation, web design etc. Check out MiMaVe-Design-Photo showreel 2020

Nature visuals and sound

There are several nature related videos to be found on my youtube channel.

Impressions de la Mer is video art with an impressionistic flare enhanced with a synth ambience experiment.

Springtime in the Ostrobothnian Archipelago is mapping the field of multi channel nature soundscape building.

Rapids to Sea focuses on visuals and nature sound with field recording in its core including an ambisonic twist.

The Gorge is a nature storytelling package with prominent guitars.

The Magical Nordic Fall is a mystical piano praise to the beauty of the fall colours.

The Moon -a galactic sigh from beyond our earths borders.

WaterFall Symphony -is a symphonic composition with waterfall footage

The Natural Art of White and water -project

Winter waters – The Natural Art of White and Water was a 4k video workflow test to see how everything functions and what to expect. There are no state of the art equipment used here. Recorded on location sound was not that good as no extern mics were used, this was compensated with music composed and produced for this video only.

Equipment used: dslr for timelapse, smartphone for the wide shots and a “pocket zoom” for the more tele footage. This was also a test to see how software can handle the 4k workflow. I’ve been using Blender also for edit, but with 4k it became impossible, but Kdenlive worked great and with it’s capabilities to use ffmpeg it’s a really powerful tool, recommend! I’ve tested Kdenlive before also, years ago, but it did not work at all (unstable), at least on my distro, but now with a newer version it functions well and is usable. A great software. Sound was done and produced etc. with Ardour.

A screenshot from the project in kdenlive

I have a two/three monitor setup so the clip monitoring was on a another color graded monitor, but you get the idea.

A screenshot from Ardour

Ardour is a great DAW and I used it to compose, mix, produce and edit the music (a small wind “quartet”) and sound for the video. Absolutely fabulous software.

This was primarily a test for the 4k video/sound workflow and I hope a lot more is to come.

Check the whole Winter Waters -The Natural art of White and Water 4k-video from the MiMaVe-Design-Photo youtube channel.

MiMaSoundWaVes RiverSerpentine Guitarra


The aim of this video was to visualize existing music by MiMaSoundWaVes called RiverSerpentineGuitarra. MiMaSoundWaVes RiverSerpentineGuitarra-video The composition is over 20 minutes long, so even the video was a bit more work, planning etc. It’s an combination of water/river, waterfall and rapids footage from the Nordic countries and the Nordic arctic following the guidelines of an initial story board. There is full hd, 4k and timelapse footage and some animation. The whole project was done inside one project in Blender outputting full hd video, utilizing partly the possibilites of digital(virtual) camera movement and zooming possible by 4k footage and big images.

Only the music can be found at MiMaSoundWaVes soundcloud account there is also another version there without the guitars and with a bit of a softer soundscape.

Other multimedial material

WebdesignBoy adventures pt1

The great adventures of WebDesignBoy starts here with

The Rogue Menu

This is an animation test where a 2d svg character was imported to blender and made Alive and 3d. Testing many different methods, trying to make a WebDesignBoy world. Check the WebDesignBoy – video. The concept is a web world universum with “server” planets that have web pages inside them. This I tried to do with sound, visuals and story telling, but keep in mind it’s a test, so it’s not “breath taking”, only perhaps in it’s clumsiness. 😉 But it’s at least possible to create a bespoken world. It’s by the way only 7fps if it seems a bit jerky, but there is some sort of an aesthetics in it also, because of that. Probably would do it quite differently today… But I think it’s still fun, that’s the point of it all, besides the testing, learning and the aspect of discovery.

MiMaVe-Design-Photo showreel

This old showreel is mainly to show photographic work, but there is also the video, animation, edit and music + sound aspects to it…

This is quite an old showreel with even older material in it and made with After effects several years ago, but it’s not bad even that skill and software have changed a bit since then…

I think that the combination of sound and visual is quite nice and I can still watch and hear it without feeling too much ashamed 😉…

Find the video from MiMaVe-Design-Photo Youtube channel. MiMaVe.Design.Photo old photo showreel.

Final thoughts on multimedia

The world is open…


In my opinion multimedial approaches in todays web environment have absolutely fabulous possibilities… Having the capacity and skill to work with many sorts of media gives a lot of perspective and makes way to more comprehending and inspiring design decisions.

The world is open…