I would think most of you, who have something to do with media or media production, have the same opinion: You never have enough gear , or good enough for that matter! 😉 Ok that’s taking it a bit far. You can do great stuff with not so great gear and awful stuff with great (expensive?) gear, but you can’t do the things to do without the right gear/equipment etc. to do it in the first place. That’s just how it goes. So what you need depends on what you do and how you do it (workflow). Probably most of us involved with media have a love/hate relationship to equipment and gear, be it photo/video related, computer related, sound related etc. etc. etc. etc. So for all you that love the more techy stuff I’ll go through my main toys and gadgets here, hold on to your wallets… 😄

Photo/video related

I have two camera bodies. One Nikon aps-c body that’s already been through a lot and a newer mft Panasonic Lumix body more for video stuff, especially 4k. I think that with the Nikon body I can still get good enough images for my needs, but it lacks on video resources that the Lumix body fills marvelously, it’s not that bad on image quality either. I also have a Nikon 4k capable pocket super/hyper zoom that works ok for certain situations and I also use my old sony smartphone as a 4k/sound “gatherer” as it has quite good water resistance, I say it’s got pretty wet at times… 🤓 So for photo/timelapse I use the Nikon body, for video the Lumix and for additional (meaning risky/fast) stuff the Sony and the Nikon pocket. I also have a film body, that’s mostly gathering dust, but has a few interesting lenses… There are some other stuff also, but…

About the lenses: I have a few full frames for Nikon 15-30mm, 50mm, 50-500mm and some aps-c lenses also plus the film body lenses for some “effect” footage and a Panasonic 12-60mm. With adapters I can use the lenses on different bodies and adaptability was a big reason why I went and got a mft body in the first place and so far been very happy with the decision. The adapters I have: A dummy to adapt the film lenses to Nikon, a dummy and a booster to adapt the Nikon to Lumix, and with more Nikon dummy adapters you could adapt many many a lenses to my bodies, but I’m quite happy with the ones I have now… There is though no auto when using these adapters, but I prefer mostly manual even when auto would be available, though the Lumix body-lens-combo has absolutely great auto focus features when and if needed… What’s great about using the adapters and full frame is that I can get a 100-1000mm equivalent with the dummy and an about the equivalent of putting the full frame on a aps-c, but with a full stop of light “more”, with the booster. 😄 And I`ve been amazed by the sharpness of the combos… I also have quite a few stances, tripods, mounts, brackets and stuff to get the cameras where I want them to be…

Studio related

Studio in the meaning of an ability to control the “environment” or aspects of it at least to some degree…


For video and photo light I’ve got for example a hand flash combo of four flashes, with a couple of sofboxes, snoots, honeycombs, gels etc. I also have a set (3) of continuos light (daylight) with sofboxes. The daylight has a slight greenish tint but not that “bad”. Then there are some old film flashes, a flash that you can put instead of a light bulb and some light stands, remote controllers for the hand flashes and a lot of trinkets, screws, adapters, a lot of requisite etc.


Sound wise everything happens through a computer (that means digital). I have a quite well functioning audio interface and an audio recorder that also can function as an audio interface. Quite a few real music instruments and sound devices, a midi controller and a varied gathering of headphones, speakers etc. Mics I have include a shotgun mic, a condenser mic and a lavalier. So most of the sound/video sound etc. situations should be covered.

Computers and related

I have a desktop computer with quite a lot of counting power, perhaps a bit more ram would be nice, but. I’ve also got a two monitor + 4k tv setup, from which one of the monitors is a pretty nice hardware calibration capable one plus a calibration device, graphical tablet, back up hdd’s, several memory cards. After a couple of failed cheaper memory cards I’ve primarily used the more professional ones even if they cost a little more, hint hint. 🤔

If in need of more mobile devices I have a bit more slower counting laptop and an Ipad (which I think is useless except for surfing/Ios quirks hunting etc.), but you can at least do the basics with the laptop leaving the heavy lifting and colour sensitive stuff for the desktop and the color graded quality monitor. And you need or need to get your hands on as many a devices etc. for testing web stuff and sound stuff etc.

After words

That’s a lot and things can get a little cluttered sometimes, but to do the stuff you need the stuff to do them with and mine are for the most part quite budget friendly, no throwing away thousands here… 😲 But it’s nice to have different places to keep things. So I have boxes, a bag for the photo stuff, one for the video, one for sound, one for the flashes, bags for some tripods and for the light system. This way it’s easier to grab what you need, many small instead of big ones…